Up and Away – Hot Air Balloon Collaboration

Hello! I’ve been a bit M.I.A lately, sorry! Today I’m playing a bit of catch up. So today is all about amazing Hot Air Balloons!

The Hot Air Balloons were created for the Cake Masters display at Cake International. The Balloons will be on display at the London show on the 16th and 17th of April 2016.

The group of 9 sugar artists was put together by Rosie the Editor of Cake Masters Magazine (facebook/website). We were each given free reign to create our very own Hot Air Balloon, using products from Renshaw, Rainbow Dust and Dummies Direct.

It is such an honour to be asked to create for such an amazing magazine and work with a group of highly talented cake artists from around the UK. I love that each of us had such a different design stemming from a single theme. Being allowed to create a design based on my own style of cake design is a brilliant feeling and I had so much fun creating mine, and I hope you can see that in my bright and colourful balloon. (Did you spot the y-fronts? haha)

We’ve all created a mini tutorial showing you how to create one of the techniques used on our balloons. From modelling a character to piping and creating wafer paper fabric, there’s plenty of reasons to pick up the March issue of Cake Masters Magazine.

Up and Away – Vicky Turner – The Yellow Bee Cake Company

My balloon was created to be gravity defying, I use a mixture of MDF, copper piping, and threaded rods to make it float.

Hot Air Balloon

Vintage Verity – Laura Davis – Laura Jane Cake Design

Laura created this beautiful vintage balloon, taking inspiration from her Faberge Egg from last years collection. Laura handpainted the beautiful roses on the middle of the balloon! I’m in awe.


Captain Sky – Rose Macefield – Rose Macefield Cake Artist

Rose is the Queen of carved cakes, so she used her skills to create this amazing skull shaped balloon, along with a pirate and his treasure.


Aqua Marine – Calli Hopper – Callicious Cakes

Created by the wonderful Calli, this is a balloon that you really need to see in person to appreciate the minute details she has captured in her handpainted sea scene. Wow!


Shaadi Mubarak – Jacqui Kelly – Totally Sugar

Jacqui was inspired by the colourful and exotic Asian weddings she often sees in South London. My favourite part of her balloon is the tiny, tiny elephant feet all bunched up together.


Le Ballon Bleu – Sarah Thomas – The Cupcake Oven

Sarah was inspired by the Montgolfier brothers balloon, taking elements from their paper and sack cloth balloon, Sarah used icing and wafer paper to create a textured paper effect.


Jupiter Circus – Zee Chik – Zee Chik Designs

Zee’s balloon lights up from the inside, you can see it in the photo below. Her work is so clean and precise, I was amazed when I saw it up close at the show.


Sky Garden – Laura Loukaides – Laura Loukaides Cakes

Laura took inspiration from a diamond encrusted mirror and nature to come up with her design. It reminds me of tropical places, I would love to see where it would take me 🙂


The Sky Ark – Natasha Shomali – Cakeium

Natasha is a new convert to Steampunk, after working with ShugaRush last year. I love how this balloon sits on a base of fluffy clouds.


I’ll be at London CI, so if you see me say hello!

Sugar hearts and kisses, Vix

Vicky Turner 30/3/16