The Cake Masters awards nominations are LIVE!

I cannot wait to go to the show this year. I missed out on the awards ceremony last year, and it looked like so much fun! Tickets will be released in August for this years show, head over to to register interest.

Wall.E has a very fitting expression for this post haha!


And… this is a massive long shot. Really I don’t have much chance of actually being listed as a finalist, but I set myself a challenge for July, and that was to go for things I wanted. To ask for help from friends and customers, even if it looks like I’m bigging myself up when it isn’t warranted. I’m useless at it, the word humble doesn’t even describe me! I find it incredibly difficult to accept praise and even harder to ask for it!


So I am going to ask that you consider nominating me for the Cupcake Award at the Cake Masters awards! There I’ve said it! *should I delete this whole post?* NO! grow some cake balls, Vix! XD

And whilst we’re on the subject, please also consider nominating Bakers Unite to Fight as the collaboration of the year. Trust me it will be spectacular! We’re trying to raise the profile of the WWF and endangered animals, so a really worthy cause!


Hehe. The puppy dog eyes might sway you, trust me, if I had purple eyes and was made of metal that would be exactly how I look :p

Did you nominate me? Let me know on Twitter!