Instagram, tutorials and the like.

I’m pawsitively excited about all the cool stuff I’m up to at the moment. I’ve been crazy busy lately, so the website slipped a bit, sorry! But if you want to catch up with what I’m up to you can check out my Instagram profile where I try and upload daily, plus you’ll find giveaways and free tutorials, YAY!

I’ve also finally gotten around to working on my Youtube channel! I know, I know, its taken far too long. I’ve had the channel for donkeys years, yet I rarely posted anything on there. I’ve finally mustered the courage to start creating content for it and I’m really enjoying myself. So if you’d like to follow my journey into the video tutorials please subscribe to my channel. 

Check out my tutorials tab to find my latest work. This little guy below even features.

Oh and I’ve had a custom pin designed just for me! I’m so excited about it. I absolutely love enamel pins, so creating my own has been an awesome experience! It’s a limited run with only 200 in existence, so if you’d like one check out the shop tab.