Cake International London 2015 – Part 1.

 Gold award winning cupcakes from Cake International.

Gold award winning cupcakes from Cake International.

Hello all! This is a bit of a late blog, but I did it eventually… right?

I had such grand plans for C.I this year. I wanted to enter a wedding cake and a large decorative exhibit. I had my designs ready, I had the tools and all the bits and bobs ready… and then illness hit. I honestly didn’t think I would even make it to the show (I’m sad to say that although I am improving, I’m still not back to normal grr)

Because I am a determined so and so, I really wanted to enter still. I knew I would have kicked myself if I hadn’t done it. I HATE regretting stuff! So I back peddled a bit, and decided to enter a cupcake display instead. There was less hard work involved, just a lot more modelling. Which isn’t exactly strenuous.

The idea for the Carrot House entry came about as the show was close to Easter and I thought it would be nice to do something related. In the end, it turned out to be totally un-Easter like, but still pretty cool 😀

Cupcake Stand

The stand was my first real go at structure work. It started out as a few bits of wood and some pipe. The whole thing was covered in white icing and then airbrushed! Nerve-racking I’ll say!

unnamed (2)

After building the carrot from modelling chocolate (find a recipe to make modelling chocolate here. ) I then covered it in icing and airbrushed it. And then it was time to start adding in the fun details. Did you spot the little worms underneath the stand?

unnamed (3)

I spent ages on the stand. I was really enjoying it, however the cupcakes are important bit… and being so preoccupied with the stand, I forgot to get a proper design for them sorted. I knew I wanted bunnies, but doing what?! I ended up going for a crazy bunny chewing on a carrot. I took massive inspiration from Aardman Studios for the characters.

unnamed (4)

And with only 12 hours to go until I left for London, I finally got my brain in gear and decided on a Mole for the second design. He’s popping his head out after digging a hole and discovering a very tasty looking worm on his head. For his part the worm is looking rather panicked! In fact, due to lack of planning, after making these little guys I realised the worms didn’t fit into the box. So I had to pull them out and they got to travel in style in a little baggy haha.

unnamed (5)

For these guys I made Carrot cupcakes…. got to really, with a giant Carrot in the middle and Vanilla cupcakes.

The judges seemed to like them, however I didn’t get to go back and get feedback as I spent literally the whole show in my hotel room, apart from a few hours where I made it across. Oh well, here’s to the next show. Hopefully I’ll be on tip top form and get to enjoy hanging out with all the friends I sadly let down and missed this time.

Peace, love, cookies and cakes,