Welcome to my pretty awesome new website. 

Well Hello There! 
Welcome to my pretty awesome new website. 

I’ve been promising this for a while, but you can now book your classes directly through the site, yay!
Just pop over to the “book a Class” page to find info on all of my upcoming classes and of course to book….. go on you know you want to* :p

There’s also the “Showcase” page, which features photos of my latest work. If I’ve made you a cake see if you can spot it!

What else?… Downloads! I’ll be starting the year by creating some new tutorials for you to wet your whistle with, which will appear in the “Download” page. There will be a mix of free and paid for tutorials and videos. 

And then there’s the Blog, you’re currently reading it now. So I guess that explains what the blog is all about! I’ll be posting my musings on the cake world, updates on competition entries as I work, information on upcoming classes and sales and finally recipes and tutorials.

Ooh and I’ll be introducing a new loyalty scheme, which will give you access to the paid for tutorials for free, and it’s on top of the reward card, so you’ll get even more cool stuff from attending the classes.

*seriously, it’ll make me super happy** and excited to get my first order through hehe.

**And there might be a little surprise in it for you too. Just add your address to the order, I can say no more. Mainly because I’ve not gotten that far yet! 

I hope to see you at a class soon,
Aka Mrs Bumble